"Sweatah Weathah" - Zoom Mini Mystery in a Day - November 28, 2020

"Sweatah Weathah" - Zoom Mini Mystery in a Day - November 28, 2020

$ 15.00

Join me as I give a try to a new way of bringing you events - a Zoom Mini Mystery! Using breakout rooms, you'll move from one clue to the next as you complete the mystery, joining with others on the same step that you are working on for camaraderie and sewing fun! The project is kept small (hence the term "mini mystery") and uses a block grid I've tested before, updated to be created with my Accordion Sewn HSTs™ method. 

I picture it as a holiday project, but depending on your fabric choices, yours may vary. Info on fabric selection is on the Supply and Cutting pdf.

During the course of five hours, you should be able to complete four blocks. Ideas for how to set them into projects will be shown in the final breakout room. At the conclusion of class, I will provide basic block directions and possible layouts in written form to all participants. 

If you are unfamiliar with Accordion Sewn HSTs (TM), I recommend watching my youtube video series (bit.ly/oompahhasts), and/or adding  the Accordion Lesson Sheet to your order. 

Be sure to download the Supply and Cutting pdf so that you will be ready to go on 11/28! See you then! 

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