Pop! Goes Your Scrap Bin Zoom Mystery Event

$ 30.00

We're back for another Zoom Mystery Event featuring ordered Accordion Sewn HSTs™! In five hours, using breakout rooms each containing a clue to the mystery, we'll create a 36" square quilt top while bonding with quilters the world (or at least the country) over! You'll move to each room as you are ready, and by the final room, the mystery will be revealed. After the event, all participants will receive all of the clues plus some finishing options as a separate pdf.

You'll need four main colors for this quilt - Colors One and Two (lots and lots of different prints, cut into squares), a popper (can and maybe should be all one fabric), and a background. Fabric requirements, cutting homework, and even some sewing homework (you'll make a lot of your HSTs before you even get to the meet up!) is all on the pdf you will download when you register.

PLEASE NOTE: This project uses my Accordion Sewn HSTs™ method of creating HSTs. If you are not familiar with that method, you WILL need to familiarize yourself with it before February 6. Downloadable homework includes making two ordered accordions and creating HSTs from them as homework before the mystery event. Homework can be accomplished if you are able to make HSTs another way to end up with the required numbers needed.

I'll see you there and we will make those scrap bins go POP!

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