Lectures and Workshops

What good are my designs if I can't share them with the quilting world? My lectures are full of stories and banter and general quilty inspiration all with a huge scoop of humor, wit, and enough self depreciation to keep my ego in check. Workshops are a great way to get your guild connecting and continuing the inspiration of my lectures, through working on one of my original designs or techniques. My Drop In Demo is a fun alternative to a workshop.

I teach nationally and am happy to travel wherever modern transportation can get me. Please note that groups more than 250 miles from Pepperell MA will need to book a minimum of one lecture AND one 3 or 6 hour workshop or Drop in Demo.

Contact me at evapaigequilts@charter.net to schedule an event for your guild or shop.We will find you a fabulous agenda!


All guild or shop programs are one hour long and priced at $400

Trunk Show - "Oompah!  Accordion Sewn HSTs™" 
What happens when you have a designer who not only wants to be as scrappy as possible but also hates wasting fabric? Well, all sorts of things, because that's pretty much the definition of scrappy. But I took it one step further, and figured out a way to create HSTs that don't have a twin, and waste no fabric, by sewing HSTs in "accordions." Add another step, and you can sew the blocks for an entire quilt in individual accordions that come together almost like magic. It's the coolest thing I've ever come up with (if I do say) and you'll see the quilts from my book "Oompah! Jazz Up Your Scrap Quilts With the Accordion Sewn HSTs Method" plus a few surprise treats. You'll want to pick up your accordion and join the oompah sensation!
Trunk Show - "Give it a Scrap Slap"!

A look inside my yearlong stint as a member of the Quiltmaker Magazine "Scrap Squad," a select group of 6 quilters from across the continent tasked with redesigning one pattern from each issue entirely in scraps. Each assignment led me not only into the morass of scrap hoarding in my own studio, but also inspired me to create several of my own designs based on the originally assigned projects. Lots of thoughts on what makes a good scrap quilt, why scrap quilts are my favorites, and insights into how one idea morphs into so many more during the design process. You'll never look at a quilt pattern just one way again!
Trunk Show - "Perfection is Overrated"
A lively presentation of Beth’s quiltmaking journey, from her first frighteningly awful attempt at self taught quilting to eventually founding EvaPaige Quilt Designs with her own line of unique patterns. Included are thoughts on the design process as it unfolds in 20 minute increments in the midst of the chaos of running a home and raising three small children, how a quilt can be a thing of beauty even without matching seams and perfect points, and the many joys of bringing her designs to the masses and discovering that they often can become converts to the freeing idea that “perfection is overrated”.  

Trunk Show - "Plays Well With Others"
From the days of Quilting Bees on the prairie, quilting has always been a social hobby. This lively lecture focuses on group quilt making in today's world, taking us beyond guild Block of the Months to swaps, round robins, and specialized group projects to show how adding more quilters with more ideas into your projects will create fantastic results. My yearly January Jumpstart group quilts from 2008 to present year are included! (2016 group quilt, Vinnie Loves Maude, shown at right.) 

$650 for six hours, $400 for 3 hours                   
All workshops that require a pattern will require each participant have their own copy. I do give a 20% workshop discount on patterns.

                                                                                                                     Accordion Sewn HSTs - "The Carpenter's Apprentice" - 6 hours
If you haven't seen my videos on YouTube using this cool method of making scrappy HSTs, check them out! (Start with Part 1 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dc3ClOPu4_w, and then also watch Parts 2 and 3.) It's incredibly fun and addicting, but it doesn't just make cool little accordions; once you cut them apart, your quilts are halfway done! This workshop will take the Accordion Sewn HST technique and up the ante just a bit as we sew all the HSTs needed for The Carpenter's Apprentice pattern by EvaPaige Quilt Designs ALMOST at once, keeping it all scrappy and with no waste! Once you've learned the technique and seen firsthand how it creates this pattern in no time, you'll want to adapt this HST sewing method to more quilts! Pattern required
.                                                                                                                                            .

                            Intro to Accordion Sewn HSTs™ - 3 hours

 Accordion Sewn HSTs™ were invented by me to maximize the number of fabrics in scrappy HST based quilts, but they can do so much more than just make a variety of HSTs. Learn the ins and outs of the process, the block making capabilities, and adding wow to your scrap borders, and be inspired to take the process to all new levels!


 Accordion Sewn HSTs - "Hurdy Gurdy Runner" - 6 hours

Adapted from my "Oompah!" book, the Hurdy Gurdy runner is a quicker version of the much loved Hurdy Gurdy throw. Learn to use the Accordion Sewn HSTs method while creating this stunning version of a classic block using gorgeous scrappy HSTs. You'll be amazed how the blocks lay out almost like magic! This project has an $8 per student handout fee which can be credited toward purchase of the book if desired.

Now You Give it a Scrap Slap - 3 hours
In this three hour hands on workshop, we put the concepts discussed in the “Give it a Scrap Slap” lecture to the test by reworking a given block entirely in scraps. While all class members will work with the same block design, each person will be given different directions on color, value, contrast, and fabric placement to be used in their block as they sew. All fabrics are brought to the class as 3” squares and are put into a “scrap pool,” upping the scrappy fun of the completed blocks immensely! Participants will be taught the importance of value and creativity when choosing block fabrics, and in the end will be amazed by how one block can be transformed into so many different looks simply with fabric choices and placements. Shown above - Same block, four colorations!

Syncopated Ribbons - 3 or 6 hours
Clean out your scrap bag in this popular class offering featuring my free flowing, fun, break-some-rules design! Foundation piecing and unique cutting and piecing techniques will be covered, scrap trading is encouraged! Pattern required. Pre-class cutting homework required. 

Kickin' Stash - 6 hours. Another scrap bag cleaner-outer! Create gorgeous modernesque log cabin-style blocks from even the smallest scraps, and in the process become addicted to the making of this block. Pattern required. Pre-class homework required. 






Mod-ified Trees - 3 hours


Whip up this top selling runner and learn some cool new cutting and applique tricks at the same time. Never used the Leaves Galore template? You'll want to see how it makes this quilt a joy to create. Few projects truly can be completed or near completed in three hours, but this one really can, and is fun in any season. Pattern required. Kits available. 

Suite Life - 3 hours

Who can resist a nutcracker guy? How about five of them? Piecing techniques and fun abound when we put together these "suite" little soldiers. A great class for anyone looking to learn a few tricks and see quick results! Pattern required.


Vinnie Loves Maude - 6 hours

 Your eyes don't deceive you - there are a lot of pieces in this quilt. So I'll be totally honest: you aren't going to finish it in the six hours we will have together. But you'll get an amazing start, and lots of piecing tricks to help you get through even the smallest seams. We'll consider value, color placement, and fabric themes in the design, and each participant should walk away with several blocks and background sections finished. Alternate layouts will be discussed as well, as not everyone wants a twin size! Pattern required.




"Round Robin in a Day" Group Quiltmaking Workshop - 6 hours

In this workshop each participant will work to help complete four 36” square quilts with a center block and three unique borders. Each participant will arrive with a completed 8 ½” (8” finished) block which reflects the theme and colors of their desired wall hanging. Working in three “rounds” or blocks of 1.5 hours per border, the style or technique of which is determined just prior to each round, participants will design, create and add each round’s border to a quilt belonging to different class participant, working on three other quilts in all. At the end of the workshop, each participant should have a completed 36” square quilt that reflects not only themselves but the unique ideas and approaches to quiltmaking of his/her fellow workshop participants. A willingness to allow others to dictate the direction of a piece you started and the abilities to work well in a time sensitive environment and to move from one task to another easily are requisite to this class, as well as the completion of the center block prior to class. Note: Due to the nature of this class, this is recommended for Intermediate level quilters and up only. 



NEW! Drop In Demo! - $10 per person at the door

Does your guild struggle to fill workshops, but still want a unique opportunity to learn and have a little more time with me? This might be just the answer. A ninety minute drop in demo of my Accordion Sewn HSTs technique, a few extra quilts to chat about, and time to try it yourself! No supplies to bring, no day long commitment to work into your schedule, no cost to your guild, just an hour and a half of discovering a new technique that will change your thoughts on HSTs forever!

Notes - minimum 10 participants, please. This demo cannot be booked without at least one other program or lecture.