Let's Get Together! Here's My Teaching Schedule

Want to see your group's name on my schedule? Contact me at evapaigequilts@charter.net and we will set you up! 



January 9, 2023 Tidewater Quilters Guild via Zoom (TS)

January 11, 2023  Sheboygan County Quilt Guild via Zoom (TS)

January 18, 2023  Roseville Quilters Guild via Zoom (TS)

January 21, 2023  Tidewater Quilters Guild via Zoom (W)

January 26 and 28, 2023  Virtual Schoolhouse with Mancuso (Ws)

February 2, 2023  Mississauga Quilters Guild via Zoom (TS)

February 4, 2023  Mississauga Quilters Guild via Zoom (W)

February 8, 2023  Morningstar Quilt Guild via Zoom (TS)

February 19, 2023  Zoom Mystery Event

March 1, 2023  Limestone Quilters Guild via Zoom (TS)

March 4, 2023  Maye River Quilt Guild, Hardeeville SC (TS and W)

March 15, 2023  Saginaw Piecemakers Quilt Guild via Zoom (TS)

March 16, 2023  Soo-Nipi Quilt Guild, Newport NH (TS)

April 5, 2023  Hammersmith Quilters Guild (TS)

April 8, 2023  Souhegan Quilt Guild, Amherst NH  (W)

April 20-22, 2023 Lake Metroparks 2023 Quilt Show, Concord Twp, OH (Ws)

April 26-28, 2023  AQS Paducah, Paducah KY (Ws)

May 8, 2023  Northwest Quilters via Zoom (TS)

May 16, 2023  Heart of VT Quilt Guild, Barre VT  (TS)

May 18-19, 2023  Palmetto Quilt Guild, Hilton Head Island SC (TS and W)

June 1, 2023  High Desert Quilt Guild via Zoom (TS)

July 13-16, 2023  MAQ Educational Seminars, Gettysburg PA (Ws)

September 26-30, 2023  AQS Des Moines (Ws)

October 18, 2023  Concord Piecemakers Quilting Guild, Concord MA (TS)

October 22, 2023  Zoom Mystery Day!

October 24, 2023  Crosstown Quilters, Weymouth MA (TS)

November 6, 2023  Wayside Quilters Guild  (TS)

November 11, 2023  Wayside Quilters Guild (W)

November 15, 2023  Venice Area Quilt Guild via Zoom (TS)





February 8 and 9, 2024  Casual Quilters Guild via Zoom (TS and W)

March 14 and 15, 2024  Great Lakes Heritage Quilt Guild via Zoom (TS and W)

March 21 and 22, 2024  Venice Area Quilt Guild via Zoom (Ws)

April 4-6, 2024  Ohio Valley Quilt Guild, Cincinnati OH (TS and W)

April 8-9, 2024  Southport Quilters Guild, Kenosha WI (TS and W)

April 19-20, 2024  Genesee Star Quilters, Davison MI (TS and W)

April 28, 2024  Eastern Long Island Quilt Guild (TS)

May 21, 2024  Vienna Quilters Unlimited via Zoom (TS)

May 26, 2024  Twin States Modern Quilt Guild, Westminster VT (TS)

June 22-23, 2024  Colorado Quilting Council, Wheat Ridge CO (TS and W)

September 6 and 8, 2024  Pine Tree Quilters Guild via Zoom (Ws)

September 21-23, 2024  Greater Ann Arbor Quilt Guild via Zoom (TS and Ws)

November 14, 2024  Burlington Quilters Guild, Burlington MA (TS)

November 21, 2024  Ladies of the Lakes Quilt Guild, Lakeland FL (TS and W)



February 27-March 2, 2025 Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival, VA



Past engagements include Maine Quilts, Tuscon Quilt Fiesta, AQS Paducah, WI Quilt Expo, MN Quilts, Northwest Quilting Expo, MAQ, and a plethora of guilds across the country. Please don't hesitate to ask for references!