Another Round of Oompah! More Accordion Sewn HSTs to Make Your Scrap Quilts Sing

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The intense joy of Accordion Sewn HSTs™ continues! Another Round of Oompah is here, with more projects, more sass, more tips and more fun than the first time around if at all possible. Get your scrap bins ready, because the oompah band is on it's way to your studio once again!

Accordion Sewn HSTs™ have created a whole revelation in half square triangle making, where everyone doesn't need a twin, scrap quilts fully realize the potential of their variety, and blocks can be created just by ordering fabrics within accordions for perfect placement of color and fabric. 

Full of projects that lean to the mod-itional (a little bit modern, a little bit traditonal), with alternative colorways, layouts, and sizes to help you get the most out of each project and make it your own. Complete Accordion Sewn HSTs directions included, because it would be the worst book in the world if I didn't tell you how to make the basic method, and once you master it, you'll be stunned by all the possibilities. 

Includes Brambleberry, Morse Code Mayhem, Cool Breeze in a Heat Wave, You've Got a Friend, All My Exes

If you haven't yet seen my videos sharing the basics of this technique on YouTube, you really should! It might just blow your mind. The three part video series can be found starting here: