Hauling the Holidays - Little truck with four holiday motifs!

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It's a ubiquitous motif for a reason - the little red truck hauling a tree home for the holidays is just plain adorable! I decided I needed to recreate it using my Accordion Sewn HSTs™, and it was so much fun to make. THEN! A year later I decided to give pumpkins their due, and added an interchangeable pumpkin motif. But my creativity keeps going, and now we also have a heart and a popsicle motif. 

The progressive pattern was born. What is a progressive pattern? Well, as I keep adding motifs, all previous buyers will be sent the new updates - with no further charge than what they paid in the first place. The price may go up by a few dollars as the pattern adds motifs, but will remain a huge bargain over the eventual fully finished pattern. Eventually, hopefully within 2024, the entire pattern will be done, with nine plus motifs and a print pattern option. At that point, the pattern will be priced accordingly. All previous buyers will continue to receive the updates, including the pdf version of the full pattern. It's a great way to get what is sure to be a pretty cool almost mini-book sized pattern for a really low price and see the pattern progression!

Pattern is for 18 1/2" (unfinished) blocks. Block can be made using the Accordion Sewn HSTs™ technique (accordion map is included) or any other half square triangle technique you like (but why?) Ideas on incorporating the block into other projects included.

This is a pdf only pattern.