Mod-ified Trees - 16" x 39" runner

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Pink Christmas trees were a staple in the oh-so-mod 60s. I'm bringing them back in "Mod-ified Trees." Lucy surely would have picked these if they had been on the lot, and Charlie Brown surely would have said no, but what does he know?

The entire project can be made start to finish in less than four hours; it is perfect for a quick diversion when you are sick of big projects, or as an almost instant gift when you find out the wedding shower is THIS week not next week, or you are throwing a Christmas dinner party and realize the afternoon before that you need some new duds for the table.

The cover quilt was made using Leaves Galore "Petite" template, however easy alternative cutting directions are included, so no special equipment beyond a good attitude is needed.

Machine quilting, machine applique