Scintillating Stars

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After I made a triple star block for a swap several years ago, I became obsessed with seeing just how many stars I could nest in a quilt, so one day I started nesting stars. I was kind of shocked and disappointed when five rounds was the largest quilt I felt comfortable with, as I think a sixth round might have buried me in the studio for all eternity, but the effect is pretty stunning.

Adding a scrappy, strippy, asymmetrical border gave it a little punch and made it not just another star quilt. Could you add the strips in each corner? Sure! I just like to take the quick way out, and I happen to like things just slightly off kilter.

The cutting directions in Scintillating Stars are written so that your stars will look like the cover - that is, eight different fabrics in each round of star points. If you follow them, you'll not only get your own awesome star quilt, but you'll use your fabrics the most efficient way possible. No one likes a lot of waste - except a scrap bin.

One size - 80" x 80"