Vinnie Loves Maude

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I had pictured this quilt, my 2016 "January Jumpstart" group project, to end up looking very modern, having required participants to use modern prints and low volume backgrounds in their blocks. To my great surprise, the amazing setting I fell into had a rather unexpectedly vintage vibe, and lead to the name Vinnie (vintage) Loves Maude (modern). And they really do.

This swap is probably my favorite quilt pattern so far made from these group projects. The combination of modern prints and low volume backgrounds that the participants put together so amazingly well and the sweetness of the block were so much fun to work with, and when I came up with the cover layout, my life felt complete.

When I write you a pattern, I like to give you as many options as possible to allow you to use it again and again, and with the help of my testers, this one delivers options galore. Use scraps, use yardage...piece the spacer blocks or don't....make your blocks in one of two different size with several layouts....even create your own layout! The blocks just might speak to you like they did to my testers.

I won't lie, there are some small pieces involved in the smaller sized blocks, but using a tool like Clearly Perfect Angles makes things go smoothly. 

I hope you'll give Vinnie Loves Maude a try.