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Sometimes your scraps just call to you. In this case my green and pink bins were screaming at me: "PLEASE help us take control! We are falling all over ourselves and the floor because we no longer can contain our awesomeness in our bins!"

Scrap quilt design being my thing these days, I was happy to oblige their whining. A little (well, okay, a lot) foundation piecing later combined with some more traditional piecing and I had a really cool block. Sometimes it really is as simple as an overflowing scrap bin or two.

Combining the blocks with an unexpected and asymmetrical sashing situation really creates some interest in the layout; as one commenter stated "the layout is very intriguing and keeps you looking." And it's not hard to do, that's for sure! Just follow the directions and bam, you've got an intriguing quilt of your own.

The 61" x 79" size is perfect for a lap quilt. Make a few more blocks (maybe your bins are even more over flowing than mine?) and you could easily make it bigger. Try it with each block from a different colored scrap bin. The possibilities are amazing.