Quilt Block Mania February 2024 - Variegated Thread!

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Quilt Block Mania February 2024 - Variegated Thread!

Guess what I did this month? Two things - created this snappy little variegated thread block for Quilt Block Mania, AND once and for all learned how to spell "variegated." It's surprisingly tricky and is now etched in my brain.

The theme this month of "maker" is pretty broad, but it was pretty easy for me to narrow down into one of my favorite little joys in life - thread. Who among us hasn't been overcome with joy over a brand new spool of thread? Just me? I'm easily overcome, maybe, but a fresh spool is a fresh slate of possibilities!

Variegated thread is always fun to use in quilting, but did you know it can also be a fabulous inspiration for fabric pulls for a project? Not only do the colors generally coordinate really well, but you know exactly what thread to use to quilt your project in the end!

This block is a great way to learn or practice my Accordion Sewn HSTs™ method of making half square triangles from an ordered accordion that you KEEP in order while cutting it apart and laying all the half square triangles out. Matching up all the fabrics with each other creates that fun look of a thread changing color as it meanders across a quilt. (Please use your imagination if you are thinking "um, this doesn't look a thing like variegated thread to me" LOL. If nothing else it's a peek into how my designer brain works)

If you are not familiar with the Accordion Sewn HSTs™ check out my video on the basic technique at bit.ly/oompahhsts. If after watching that you want to give the method a try with this block but are nervous about the cutting apart portion, know that I am amazing and have created a video SPECIFICALLY FOR THIS BLOCK that will walk you right through it all. The link to that video is on the pattern, and both pattern and video will be available until 2/29/2024.

Don't want to use the method? Totally fine. Alternative "plain old hsts" directions are given as well. Your block will just look mega-variegated. Never a bad thing.

Get the pdf for my Variegated Threads block HERE, and have fun making some colorful blocks! And most importantly, please visit and support all of us sharing our designs with you this month!

Gear Quilt Block by Carolina Moore
Hammer by Patchwork Breeze
Canning Jars by Crafty Staci
Rotary Cutter by Katie Mae
Cricut Maker by Appliques Quilts and More
Spool and Bobbins by Inquiring Quilter
Music Maker by Scrapdash
Variegated Thread by EvaPaige Quilt Designs
Pretty Spools by Sew Worthy Mama
Pottery by Inflorescence Designs
Quilt Maker by QuiltFabrication
Maker block by Patti's Patchwork
Heart Hand by Brown Bird Designs
Quilting Bear by Colette Belt Designs
My Favorite Things by Robin Kinley Designs, Etc.
Cross Stitch Block by Slightly Biased Quilts
Paint Palette by Tourmaline & Thyme Quilts
Sewing Friends by Epida Studio
Make My Mark by Cristy Fincher
I Love to Make quilt block by Victoria Peat
Rainbow Glimmers by Craftapalooza Designs
Sweetgrass Basket by Emerald Falls Quilts
Maker Block: Sewing Machine by Oh Kaye Quilting
Pincushion by Flowerdog+Co
Painters Tools FPP by Amanda Harris

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    this looks like fun to make. thanks for sharing.

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