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Guess what I did this month? Two things - created this snappy little variegated thread block for Quilt Block Mania, AND once and for all learned how to spell "variegated." It's surprisingly tricky and is now etched in my brain. The theme this month of "maker" is pretty broad, but it was pretty easy for me to narrow down into one of my favorite little joys in life - thread. Who among us hasn't been overcome with joy over a brand new spool of thread? Just me? I'm easily overcome, maybe, but a fresh spool is a fresh slate of possibilities!...

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We all know Pat Sloan is fabulous, and now we have another fabulous new fabric line from her - Bird Song! And you've brilliantly found one of the first stops on the blog tour! When Pat asked me to play with her fabric and take part in the blog tour to show it off, I thought maybe she had forgotten that I am a scrappy designer who struggles to be contained with a finite number of fabrics, but when Pat asks, you say yes and ask questions later. It turns out, I think she just wanted me to stretch my...

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